Island life

Island life- “tuff” day yesterday it was cold, wet and very windy. My tent leaked like a sieve (in fact I think a sieve would be more useful) and I got girl flu!  So the ponies and I did sweet f’a! I woke up this morning and told myself to snap out of it, poorly or not I am only here a month so don’t waste a second! I set myself a challenge to traverse the island at sea level which was really fun. This afternoon i played with the ponies, I taught Evenos to lay down when I asked him too (so I could stop having to try and be athletic and jump!) he is a total genius!! It really is something special to take a pony (or horse) who knows nothing and teach them loads of cool stuff!! ‪#‎loveit‬ Just cooked a meal, on tonight’s menu we have large prawns, (not sure how large before they count as king) Clams, Cockles, rice with fern tips (the tips are peppery so make the rice a little less boring) and Eel #2 which are very tasty once you have caught the slippery little sucker!!

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  1. You are amazing, dealing with leaky tents, catching your own dinner, training the ponies, climbing etc! Well done you! (Though I have to admit I feel such a slob in comparison!).

  2. Hi Emma, I had heard about your project but just couldn’t get interested in it, feeling it was just another one of those things. But I took the time to read your article today and found it so inspiring how you are dealing with life at the very basic level of survival with the horses as companions. Wishing you all the best on your incredible journey which I am sure will change you from the inside out :-)). Michele x

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