Make the most of every second

Island life – determined to make the most of every second I have left here..not sure Evenos is taking quite the same work ethic! Lol Wet and windy start but then it has cleared off to be the most beautiful evening. I decided I would make a sea food platter (not that I have a lot of other options!) I found a Sea Urchin, which was definitely a culinary first for me! I managed to catch two dog fish when I went spear fishing, they are my favourite! Adding a few lovely Prawns, Cockles, muscles, and Dolce sea weed I was onto a winner. I figured I had too much food so left Jeremy a surprise by the drop box when he came to collect the cards today! I really feel that not only have I been excepted by the horses but by the nature of this island. When I first came I only saw one level, now it’s instinct to know where to go to get the different food, water, shelter etc We are all happy here. 😊

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