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NAF – (Natural Animal Feeds)

I have been sponsored by NAF since the beginning of 2014. NAF are one of those brands that everyone uses! There product range is huge, with over 25 years experience in Equine Supplement formulation and manufacture NAF is the most respected and well known brand of supplements for horses in the UK today, renowned not only for their products but also for there passion for horses. Personally my Team of horses and I use so many of their products. As you can imagine with a team of 7 soon to be 9 grey Connemara’s I have tested there shampoo range to the max! Marcus and my Sport horse team use Optimum feed balancer along with Superflex, and Pro-Feet to make sure they are always on top form.

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Horseware Ireland

I am so excited to now be sponsored by the iconic legendary brand Horseware I got my first Rambo Original as my 16th Birthday present for Kariba (The horse that shaped my life today, sadly he isn’t with us any more..but the rug is!!) recently I had the pleasure of meeting Tom Mac Guinness and several of the team at Horseware…with a line on there site… “We never stop evolving; we’re always seeking out untrodden paths, pushing boundaries and finding new challenges” I can’t begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to working with them!! On Saturday morning I wandered around the yard and found the coolest barricade of boxes…I couldn’t resit trying some of the rugs on the guys…they all looked so cool! Having 12 horses of my own (soon to be 14!!) to want to give the best life I can to, it is really awesome that they are now protected in the best possible way! 

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Horseware – “Friends, meet the latest addition to our rider team, Emma Massingale – Equine Behaviourist and all round legend. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow https://theislandproject2015.wordpress.com/ which will chart Emma’s exciting project; when she takes up residence for one month on an uninhabited island off Connemara, Ireland with six connemara ponies. Four of the ponies are pictured below with two new unbroken additions being acquired at Connemara Pony Sales. Emma will be charting her progress on webcam whilst living in the wilds of Connemara and will attempt to break the two connemaras using her Liberty methods. We are very privileged and excited about being involved with this unique and inspiring horse lover.”


Mole Valley Farmers

Mole Valley are a complete god send to me, they have stores all across the UK. Personally, I have been making the most of my local branches for the last 20 years.  Living in the West Country Mole Valley supply pretty much everything you need for living and working outdoors with Animals. From farm supplies and equipment including equestrian, farming, clothing and smallholding. http://www.molevalleyfarmers.com




 It is impossible not to love everything about Ariat, the coolest brand for Equestrian Boots and Apparel. I have been supported by Ariat since the beginning of 2014. I am thrilled that they continue to support me with my ever developing adventures. I use so many of their products every single day. From Ariat – “We are very proud to be supporting Emma with this extremely exciting new project! We cannot wait to track her progress!” http://www.ariat-europe.com



The Berghaus logo strap line of Live for Adventure, definitely sums up everything I love about the brand.   http://www.berghaus.com/

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White Boards


On the Island other that basic rations of rice I am going to be heading out onto the water to fish for the rest of my diet. Over the last few years I have loved SUP boarding (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) It’s the one water sport that really helps with your horse riding, it’s great for your balance! My plan is to head out on the SUP board daily to fish for food to eat. http://davewhite.me/

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Power Traveller



Being a remote island with no electricity I naturally started to look around for alternative ways to charge all my camera’s and equipment. I contacted Power traveller, I didn’t really know what exactly I needed but we went through all the tech I was going to be using that would need charging and they came up with an awesome bespoke package of Solar Chargers (Solar Gorilla’s) and batteries (Power Monkey) to enable all my kit to work while living on the Island.  https://www.powertraveller.com/  There really is something very awesome about being able to charge, even just your phone with out needing electricity!


Palm-Script-Logo-Filled-Black 10404_Halo_womensPFD_Aqua_front_3

Safety is one of the most important things when taking on a project such as this, I wouldn’t ride a horse with out a helmet and you wouldn’t want to be out on the water with out one of Palms PFD (Personal Floatation Devices) The sea can be harsh place and I shall be needing to spend quite a lot of time on the water fishing, the Halo PFD is an awesome piece of kit! see more… http://www.palmequipmenteurope.com/products?f%5B0%5D=field_web_category%3APersonal%20floatation


I have now brought a total of 10 Connemara’s from Ireland over the last 18 months, It is the only place I would now buy them from. Every trip to Ireland has been so easy, I have exported with excellent Irish transporters and personally driven to Connemara in the Lorry, it is great fun, great people and most importantly fantastic horses. See more on their site. http://www.irishhorsegateway.ie/about-ihg/


Life saving equipment….seriously it is! Getting the Liberty team ready for any demo or show, I’m not going to lie has been ridiculously hard work. Getting a team of Grey Connemara’s who live out (they seem to love the mud or muck should they find themselves in!) Plus Albert, Ernie and the Sport horses is not fun in any way, shape or form! I was googling my options and came across Hot Horse shower…Which is Literally one of the best Equine inventions ever! OMG I love it, I used Naf’s Show off Shampoo (which is brilliant) and the Mobile spar unit to wash the 4 Connies heading to Ireland tomorrow, it took a fraction of the time the ponies loved it and I remained sane!!  http://www.hothorseshower.co.uk/

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