The Island Project DVD

After a year of planning, a month having the most incredible adventure and now it is finally here The Island Project full story is out now! (Just in time for Christmas!) Each project becomes a journey that you go on both emotionally and physically, it is the most exciting feeling to get to engage in something totally all encompassing. Now I can share the passion, emotion and compassion needed to survive completely alone with just the ponies for company.
One thing I have learnt over the years is that deep down in your heart if you have a goal, you can achieve it. Just getting to this point has been incredibly hard, way harder than I ever imagined but I have experienced more incredible moments with horses than I ever dreamt possible.
I feel it is my goal to help and encourage others not by simply talking about something but by actually following my dreams if this can then sow a seed of inspiration to someone else which is sometimes all that is needed to transform dreams into reality.
Thank you so much to all my sponsors and to everyone who followed me daily as I ate eel, sea urchin gonads and taught myself how to start a horse with nothing. I hope you all enjoy the DVD!…Let me know! Thanks again Em xx




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