Feeling a bit overwhelmed this morning

Feeling a bit overwhelmed this morning, as I only have a few days left of this totally incredible adventure. When I first started training horses it was big news to back a young horse without ‘breaking’ them either physically or mentally. Being feisty and independent I chose then not to follow anyone’s method but to learn from the horses and to enjoying finding my own way. I am not going to say it’s always be easy, I can still see that last tear hitting the table when I lost Becks and had broken myself in nearly every way possible.

Nearly 2 years ago I brought my first Connemara, I fell in love with so much more than just the breed. Last summer I came up with the idea of ‪#‎theislandproject‬ to keep pushing not just my own limits but the limits. I honestly had no idea if it really was possible to start a horse completely at Liberty, to have a horse except being ridden understand aids without ever using a saddle / bridle / head collar or neck rein to help, whilst they are roaming totally free in their home environment and I’m trying to survive alone. This is undoubtedly the best experience of my life, I have and am still loving every second. Nahla, Atlantis, Comet, Calypso you guys have played your parts perfectly, I am totally honoured to have you by my side, Evenos… What can I say other than wow you have blown me a away with your brilliance, Echo my little friend you may have come a little later to join the party but now I am so happy your part of our team.

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